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» Aug 4, 2014
New: "A La Carte" GDS Training Courses
We are now offering a la carte access to the individual courses that make up each GDS "Comprehensive" Training Package. You can now register for each course individually, or purchase the complete "Comprehensive" bundle at a discounted price per-course. more»

» Jul 15, 2014
New Course: "Sabre Red Workspace"
The Sabre Training has been expanded to include a new course covering the menu-driven and point-and-click features of the Sabre Red Workspace, the main desktop application used to access and work on the Sabre GDS Reservations System. This course will help you to leverage the latest features of the Sabre application to work more productively. (Note: This course also comes bundled with the Sabre Comprehensive Training Package.) more»

» May 5, 2014
AVAILABLE NOW: Business Travel Certificate Program
For Immediate Release--Braini Academic is proud to announce the immediate availability of the new Business Travel Training and Certificate Program. Designed by American Express Global Business Travel in conjunction with VIASINC, this innovative e-learning program prepares students for careers in the fast-paced world of business and corporate travel. Students who successfully complete this program receive a handsome certificate verifying their achievement (certificate fees included in the price), and will also have the opportunity to "opt in" for employment opportunities from American Express Global Business Travel. more»

» Mar 12, 2014
Sabre CLL entries
Coverage of Sabre "CLL" entries has been added to the Sabre training to leverage newly expanded car data. CLL is a highly practical entry used to retrieve a multi-vendor "car location list", with qualifiers including city/town name, zip code, street address, and point of reference (all of these qualifiers are covered in the lessons). more»

» Feb 20, 2014
GDS Car/Hotel database updates
The Car/Hotel data utilized by all of the GDS emulators has been updated. All listings are now geo-coded for enhanced accuracy and many new locations have been added. All relevant lessons have been updated accordingly. more»

» Nov 18, 2013
Amadeus GDS training updates
The Amadeus emulators have been updated to include additional PNR faring elements utilized during ticketing and ticket exchanges. We continue to update all of our GDS training to reflect the most up-to-date travel data available. more»

» Sep 20, 2013
Amadeus GDS training updates
The Amadeus training now includes enhanced coverage and additional lessons about the purpose and usage of Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs) for ticketing. We continue to update all of our GDS training to reflect the most up-to-date travel data available. more»

» Apr 5, 2013
Apollo/Galileo GDS training updates
All Car and Hotel displays have been updated to reflect the most current Apollo and Galileo functionalities. We continue to update all of our GDS training to reflect the most up-to-date travel data available. more»

» Feb 12, 2013
For Sale: GDS and Travel Books
We now offer the full range of VIASINC publications to supplement the online GDS and Travel training. These include format guides and workbooks for all major travel GDS systems. more»

» Dec 12, 2012
New Course: "Network Infrastructure Security"
Learn how to secure a modern LAN network infrastructure. Hands-on configuration of vital security-related features on firewalls, routers, and switches. Also includes monitoring and intrusion detection (IDS) skills for an overall network. more»

» Dec 12, 2012
New Course: "Web Server and Website Security"
Learn how keep web servers secure, prevent website break-ins, perform ongoing web security monitoring, and detect and recover from cyber attacks. more»

» Jun 14, 2012
New Course: "Apache Web Server Essentials"
Learn how to install, configure, and manage Apache-based web servers. more»

» Mar 15, 2011
New Training Package: "CompTIA Network+ Certification"
We now offer a complete training/preparation package for achieving the CompTIA Network+ Certification. This valuable certification demononstrates that a candidate has a solid base of vendor-neutral networking skills and knowledge. Our prep package includes lots of hands-on work, as well as certification exam practice questions and a full-blown practice exam. more»

» Jul 30, 2010
New Course: "Introduction to Open Source"
Learn all about the open source movement and how to use open source technologies for a wide variety of modern computing tasks. Also includes an introduction to the open source Linux operating system and how to install and start using it. more»

» Jul 26, 2010
New Course: "IPv6 Primer"
Get prepared to harness the power of the future Internet with this crash course on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) technology. more»

» Feb 9, 2010
Announcement: LPIC-1 Certification = Novell CLA
Today, the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has announced that the LPIC-1 certification is now also applicable toward Novell's Linux certification program (CLA). Braini Academic offers a complete training package for the LPIC-1 certification. more»

» Apr 7, 2009
Announcement: Linux Course Updates
All Linux courses have been updated to reflect the most current certification exam objectives from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) more»