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student login

Getting Started...

As soon as you purchase a course, you will be set up with a student account on the training system. Your User ID and Password will be emailed to you, along with detailed instructions for how to log into the system and start your training course(s).

Please visit the registration section of this website if you still need to register. If you have already received your student account ID and Password, you are ready to access the training system.

System Access Options

Access the training system directly from your web browser as follows:

Web Login – Log in with your assigned user ID and password. The training launches into its own browser window.

You will receive detailed system access instructions via email after purchasing a course.

Managing Your Account

The account management interface allows you to manage your student account settings directly from your web browser:

Account Management – Log in with your existing student account ID and Password.

Included here are functions to change your password, update your email address, track your progress in each course, check your scores on assessment modules (e.g. quizzes, exams), and more.

Need Help?

If you ever need help with accessing the training system or working with your user account, please contact the general support line at: