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Taking the Exam

If you are enrolled in the Business Travel Certificate Program, the certification exam is included at the end of your online training. Further instructions will be provided during the training itself.

For students in one of the Information Technology (IT) training programs, you must schedule and sit a separate certification exam from a third-party testing service. Please read on to learn more about how to do so.

How to Take an IT Certification Exam

Once you have completed one of our professional IT certification packages, you must then pass a proctored certification exam in order to obtain your actual certification.

The general steps needed to schedule, sit, and pass an IT certification exam are highlighted below for easy reference.

Exam Administrators

There are two main companies that administer IT certification exams: Pearson Vue ( and Prometric ( The exams are offered at testing centers located all over the world.

The actual certification exams are exactly the same, no matter which testing company is used. Candidates typically make their decision based on who offers the nearest and most convenient testing center.

Locate a Testing Center

Both Pearson Vue and Prometric allow exam candidates to easily search for and locate their nearest testing centers. To learn more, visit their respective websites.

Schedule an Exam

Once a candidate has determined their nearest testing center, the next step is to schedule the exam. Both Pearson Vue and Prometric allow exams to be scheduled either online or by phone. To learn more, visit their respective websites.

Exam Costs

Exam costs depend on the IT certification in question. For example, to achieve Cisco CCNA® certification, a candidate only needs to pass a single exam, which costs USD $150 or equivalent. By contrast, Linux LPIC-1 certification requires that a candidate pass two separate exams at USD $150 each.

On the Day of the Exam

On the day of the exam, you should show up at the testing center at least 15 minutes early and bring appropriate identification (e.g. driver's license). When scheduling an exam, you will receive complete instructions for what to bring.

Once you arrive at the testing center and sign in, an employee there will log you into one of the computer stations and launch the exam there. All IT certification exams are timed, and the time is always displayed on the screen for quick reference. Typically, you will also receive a dry erase board that can be used as a scratch pad while working through the exam.

Passing the Exam

Our IT training courses are designed to ensure 100% coverage of all exam topics, so students who successfully complete our courses are set to ace the certification exams and reach their professional goals.

In addition, our courses feature extensive tips and strategies for passing the relevant certification exams, along with many different practice exams, so you will know exactly what to expect.

Certification Status

Once you have achieved your IT certification, you will receive a printed certificate and ID card to recognize your achievement. You can then begin listing the certification as part of your professional credentials.

Our Guarantee

If you complete one of our certification packages with a passing grade, but do not pass the corresponding certification exam(s), we will refund your exam fees.

To Learn More

To learn more about our IT certification training and prep courses, please check out the courses section of this website.

To learn more about scheduling IT certification exams, please visit the Prometric ( and/or Pearson Vue ( websites.