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Linux LPIC-1 Certification

Our Linux courses prepare you to achieve LPIC-1 certification, which is the first level in the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) program and considered the premier entry-level Linux certification in the world.

Possessing an LPIC-1 certification demonstrates that you understand the ins and outs of the Linux operating system, and can perform essential system administration functions for Linux servers in enterprise network environments.

After completing our Linux curriculum, you are all set to earn your LPIC-1 certification. All you need to do is pass the LPI certification exams.

LPI Certification Exams Overview

In order to achieve your LPI Certification Level-1 (LPIC-1), you need to pass two exams: LPI Exam 101 and LPI Exam 102. Each exam is 90 minutes long and consists of 60 total questions.

Please note that our Linux curriculum is conveniently organized into two distinct courses, LPI Linux 101 and LPI Linux 102, which prepare you for each of the two respective LPI certification exams.

The actual LPI certification exams are administered by the third-party testing company "Pearson VUE", which operates testing centers throughout the world. The total cost to take each LPI certification exam is USD $150 or equivalent. The exams can be retaken as many times as needed, as long as there is a 7 day window between each time sitting the exam.

To schedule an exam, visit the Pearson Vue website at

Taking the Exams

When scheduling an LPI Exam, you will be instructed to select a testing center, as well as the time and date on which to sit the exam.

The exams are administered via computer. When you sign in at the testing center on the day of the exam, you will be logged onto a computer there and can proceed to work through it. Complete instructions are provided at the time you take the exam.

Please note that our LPI Linux courses provide extensive exam-taking tips, strategies, and practice questions... so you'll know exactly what to expect going in.

The exam results are provided immediately upon completion of each exam, so you'll know right away if you successfully passed it.

After Passing the Exams

Once you pass both LPI Exam 101 and LPI Exam 102, you achieve the official status of LPI Certified Level-1 (LPIC-1). You can then list the Linux LPIC-1 credential on your resume, and potential employers can go to the Linux Professional Institute's website to verify it. You also gain access to a special "members only" section of the LPI website, and are free to use the LPIC-1 logo.

Within 2-5 weeks after passing the LPI exams and achieving Linux LPIC-1 status, you will receive a printed certificate and ID card recognizing your achievement.

To Learn More

To learn more about our Linux and LPI certification prep curriculum, please check out the description of our Linux Training

To learn more about the LPIC-1 program in general, please visit the LPI website at

To learn more about scheduling the LPI certification exams, please visit the Pearson Vue website at

Our Guarantee

If you complete our LPI Linux certification package with a passing grade, but do not pass either of the LPI certification exams, we will refund your exam fees.