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Online Airport DCS Systems Training Courses

Our newest series of courses include Airport DCS systems training. Utilizing the latest simulation based e-learning strategies, students learn firsthand about the technology systems used by airport-based airline agents to perform passenger and baggage ground handling procedures. The courses feature hands-on work on the Amadeus Altea DC-CM system, one of the most widely used airport systems in the world today, with airline customers including British Airways and Southwest.

The initial training package in this curriculum consists of two individual courses which may be taken individually or as a training bundle, introducing the Altea DCS System and how to use it to perform check-in operations at an airport:

AIRPORT DCS SKILLS FOR AIRLINE AGENTS (Training Bundle) — Bundle of ALL courses shown below introduce the key features of the Amadeus Altea DCS system as used to manage passengers, baggage and flights at an airport. Prepare for an exciting career working for an airline in a dynamic airport-based work environment.
AMADEUS ALTEA DCS – SYSTEM BASICS (Individual Course) — Introduction to the DCS system and how to navigate the main functions it provides.
AMADEUS ALTEA DCS – CHECK IN (Individual Course) — How to use the DCS system to check-in passengers and their baggage at the airport.
AMADEUS ALTEA DCS – SEATING (Individual Course) — How to use the DCS system to display graphical seat maps and manage passengers' seat assignments.
AMADEUS ALTEA DCS – PASSENGER DATA (Individual Course) — How to use the DCS system to verify passengers' product records, history, and other data.
AMADEUS ALTEA DCS – PASSENGER UPDATES (Individual Course) — How to use the DCS system to make updates to passengers' reservations.

Career Implications

The DCS system is the central technology system used by airline agents at an airport, including check-in, gate, and customer service agents - as well as managers and supervisors - and even ramp agents and flight planners. In short, DCS skills are crucial for landing any sort of airport-based job with the airlines.

In the United States alone, over 1 million people work at airports. It is a high-demand and rewarding field with plenty of opportunities for advancement.

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GDS Training

Please note that we also offer acclaimed online training for the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) used in the travel industry.

GDS Systems are used to create and manage passenger reservations, while DCS Systems are used to redeem these reservations at the airport and assist the passenger on the day of a travel. Airline agents use both GDS and DCS systems to do work, and a combination of these skills is particularly potent.

To learn more about the GDS courses we offer, please visit the GDS Systems page.

Airport DCS Systems Instructional Support

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