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Business Travel Training & Certificate Program

The Business Travel Certificate program was developed in conjunction with instructional designers at American Express Global Business Travel and intended for an audience of working corporate travel counselors. Braini Academic is proud to now be able to offer this training directly to end users looking to break in to the world of corporate travel:

BUSINESS TRAVEL TRAINING & CERTIFICATE PROGRAM — Complete training package resulting in professional certification (all costs included)

Career Implications

Business travel is one of the largest sectors in the overall travel industry, with expenditures estimated at over $1 trillion annually. Corporate travel agencies remain some of the largest, employing hundreds of thousands of travel counselors worldwide. It is an exciting, dynamic field with much room for growth and the ability to work from home (virtual). Alumni of this program gain a professional certificate and the skills and experience needed to get hired at American Express Global Business Travel or other large-scale corporate travel agencies.

American Express Global Busines Travel ( operates one of the world's largest corporate travel networks, with locations in over 130 countries, 14,000 employees, and roughly USD $19 billion in annual revenues. The BT Certificate Program leverages this experience, covering the most current and relevant industry best practices.


The Business Travel Certificate program is designed for students who already possess basic GDS reservations skills. You must have already completed either the "Intro" or "Comprehensive" GDS training ("Comprehensive" is preferred) or have equivalent work experience with the native GDS systems.

If you need to register for one of the GDS courses, please visit the Travel GDS Systems page. The Business Travel Training focuses on the Sabre GDS System.

To Register

To register, use the PayPal payment links on either the course description pages or the registration section of this website.

Upon successful receipt of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Your new student account on the training system will be set up within 1-2 business days after that, at which time you will receive complete system access details via email.

Business Travel Instructional Support

Remember, for each purchase you make, you get both technical and instructional support via email.

Business Travel instructional support is offered by qualified subject matter experts with at least 5 years of industry experience.