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Course Descriptions // Business Travel Certificate Training

The Business Travel Certificate Program consists of the online training package described below. To register, use the PayPal button below to submit payment.

Cost of the certificate (printing, processing, and US shipping) is included in the price listed. International students may incur an extra shipping cost (not to exceed USD $15) to receive their certificate. Please register below and if you are an international student contact at any time to discuss shipping options.

Business Travel Certificate Program

NOTE: This training is currently unavailable due to curriculum and technology upgrades. Please check back soon.

Completion Time: 80 hours
Cost: USD $399
Training Curriculum: 7 Online Courses + Online Certification Exam
Pre-requisites: Previous GDS Training or equivalent work experience
Training Description...

Provides strategic coverage of the skills needed to succeed as a corporate travel arranger in a modern travel management evironment. The online training is organized into the following course units:

Students who receive an 85% or better on the final exam1 will receive a professional certificate verifying that they have sucessfully completed the training.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: see the Course Outlines, view Screenshots, ask a Question


1 Students may re-take the certificate exam a maximum of 3 times. If a score of 85% has still not been achieved, the student must re-take the training.