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Course Descriptions // GDS Training // WORLDSPAN

Real-world, hands-on, online training courses on the Worldspan GDS Travel Reservations Systems. Globally recognized training. Gain experience while you learn.

The Worldspan training curriculum consists of the online courses listed below. Click or scroll down to learn more and register.

Worldspan courses

Completion Time: 40 hours
Course Structure: 20 Lessons, 3 Quizzes, 1 Final Exam
Cost: USD $199
Course Description: A fast-paced yet thorough introduction to the Worldspan GDS.
Subjects Covered...
Sine in, sine out, encoding city and airline names, decoding city and airline codes, display a PNR, display PNR subfields, display history of PNR, display flight availability, display return availability, advanced flight availability, advanced availability entries, display availability continuation entries, display flight service info from availability, brief introduction to ACCESSPLUS, book flights, book connecting flights, enter a name into a PNR, enter a phone number into a PNR, enter a ticketing date into a PNR, enter a received-from into a PNR, enter form of payment remarks, enter general remarks, enter mailing address remarks, GFAX messages, enter OSI messages, enter SSR messages, enter SSR frequent traveler messages, cancel itinerary segments, shortcut entry to cancel and rebook itinerary, change passenger data, delete passenger data, display a seat map, assign specific seats, assign seats by area, cancel seat assignments, car availability, vehicle type codes, car availability, specify vendor in availability, change vendor in availability, specify vehicle in availability, change vehicle in availability, specify vehicle and vendor in availability, class and type availability modifiers, plan identifier availability modifier, location availability modifier, book vehicle from availability display, corporate ID and frequent traveler sell modifiers, special equipment sell modifier, special information sell modifier, additional sell modifiers, modify existing car segment, car information displays, car location displays, car rule displays, car rule displays from car segment, car detail displays, car detail displays from segment, displaying a hotel list, displaying hotel details, displaying hotel availability, displaying hotel rate rules, book a hotel room, booking a hotel room, fare displays and fare rules, retrieve a fare display, additional fare display entries, display fare rules, display more fare rules, itinerary pricing, ticketing facts field, pricing an itinerary, rebook itinerary in least-expensive class, additional itinerary pricing entries, name-select modifier, segment-select modifier, additional itinerary pricing modifiers, ticketing, add modifiers to print ticket entry, other ticketing arrangments - PTA and TOD, agency queue system, count queues in system, access queues in system, place a PNR on queue, reduce a party, divide a PNR, divide a PNR by name numbers, divide a PNR by passenger within name, converting currency, calculator functions, calculate calendar dates, display current time of day in another city, switching agent assembly areas, HELP system, INFO system, direct reference system

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