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Online Training Courses

Our e-learning courses provide interactive online training for key disciplines in the travel and information technology sectors. You stand to gain some of the hottest skills in the modern world, and the professional certifications to back them up.

The course curriculum is designed to be modular to suit different learning objectives. Depending on your learning needs, the courses can be taken individually, and we also offer comprehensive bundled training packages.

To learn more about our specific course offerings, use the navigation bar.

Hands-On Work

All courses place major emphasis on interactivity and learning by doing. You work on integrated simulator programs as you learn the material.

The hands-on work is designed to be as realistic as possible. The courses utilize advanced scenario-based learning techniques that put you into real-world situations.

The experience you gain can be put into practice immediately. Our students leverage their knowledge to fortify existing careers and launch new ones.

General Course Structure

Each course consists of a series of lessons. As you work through a lesson, you will learn new material and put it to use by working through real-world simulations.

There are drills after each lesson where you can apply your new skills and knowledge, and assess how well you've learned everything. After each group of lessons, there is a quiz where you can further assess your learning progress.

Each course concludes with a final exam. Questions on the drills, quizzes, and exams are just like what you will encounter on the actual certification exams.

How To Register

To register for one or more courses, click on the registration link on the top navigation bar. After registering for a course, you can access the system immediately.


For each purchase you make, you get both technical and instructional support via email. At this time, we do not offer phone support. Emails will be answered by our technicians and/or subject matter experts in a timely manner, oftentimes on the same day.

To learn more about our support policies and read FAQ and other help documents, visit the support section of this website.