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Course Descriptions // Telecom Training

The Telecom curriculum consists of the core training course below. Scroll down or click on the link to read the description of it:

The course description follows below.

Telecom Essentials

Completion Time: 30 hours
Course Structure: 10 Lessons, 10 Drills, 2 Quizzes, 1 Final Exam
Cost: USD $149
Course Description...

This course is the ultimate overview of the telecom technologies that drive our global economy. Nowhere will you find a better nuts-and-bolts breakdown of the most important networks and services used to do business in the modern world. The strategic insights you gain are invaluable.

The course looks under the hood at all of the most important voice, data, and multimedia technologies. You learn all about the PSTN and Internet, LANs and WANs, wireline technologies like T1/E1 and T3/E3, optical technologies like SONET and SDH, wireless technologies like WiFi and WiMAX, general data networking technologies like Frame Relay and ATM, and everything in between. Most importantly, you will see firsthand how all of these technologies are meshed together to form complete business communications frameworks.

The material is presented in a clear and intuitive manner, with concise text, visual aids, and user-friendly interactive elements to keep you engaged. There is also a focus on the practical; toward the end of the course you will examine case studies of real-world telecom implementations, and the course concludes by looking at the trends that will shape the technological landscape of the future.

Our "Telecom Essentials" course is ideal for many career paths such as telecom and IT technicians, technical sales, management and project management, entrepreneurs, media and communications, entertainment, marketing, and more. Anyone pursuing a line of work that deals with applied technology and communications can benefit from the strategic know-how they will gain here.

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