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Telecom Training Courses

The Telecom curriculum consists of one comprehensive online training course:

TELECOM ESSENTIALS — A highly acclaimed and strategic examination of the most important data, voice, and multimedia communications technologies in the modern world.

By completing this e-learning course you will gain a deep understanding of how our world is linked up to support the global economy. The course covers all of the most important wired, optical, and wireless technologies, providing invaluable insight into how information moves throughout the world.

The "Telecom Essentials" e-learning course is the perfect companion piece to our various network engineering courses, equipping you with a powerful and intuitive understanding of the big picture of modern communications.

Career Implications

This online course can fit into many career paths ranging from telecom and IT technicians, to technical sales, management and project management, entrepreneurs, media and communications, entertainment, marketing, and more. Anyone pursuing a line of work that deals with applied technology and communications stands to benefit from the strategic know-how they will gain here.

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Telecom Instructional Support

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Telecom instructional support is offered by qualified subject matter experts with at least 5 years of industry experience.