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Extra Hours - GDS and Travel Training System

Students who have already enrolled in one of our online GDS and Travel courses are free to purchase extra hours to add to their user accounts. Extra hours can be purchased here for a discounted price, however you must have already enrolled in a GDS or Travel e-learning course, otherwise your order will not be processed.

Students may wish to purchase extra hours in order to spend more time reviewing the material or to use as reference once on the job. While each course includes a generous amount of system access time to complete everything, some students still choose to spend extra time on the training system.

Purchase Hours Now

Extra hours can be purchased in 10 hour blocks. As soon as we process your order the time will be added to your e-learning user account so you can start accessing them.

The maximum number of extra hours that can be purchased at one time is 50 hours. Additional blocks of system access time can be purchased if needed once any previous ones are used up.

Please select one of the options below to submit your order for extra hours: